Okay, here I am 2 years later. Can you tell I can be a bit absent minded when it comes to this blog?!

So, let’s see. What has been occupying my time? Well, I switched jobs in June 2005 (I now sell IT Monitoring software to companies on the East Coast) and I’ve been pretty happy with the change, except recently I’ve started to feel restless…. there are some pretty major flaws in how my company is set up and I question the capabilities of Management. Of course every company has it’s issues, but they are stacked pretty high at this company.

Also, how BORING can you get? Really.. monitoring software? I sell to the geekiest of the geeks — Sys Admins, IT Directors, and C-Level technical management.

Pete and I got ourselves a little bundle of joy. Yes we GOT a bundle of joy, we did not CREATE one. Although, I’ve been dragging my feet for likely a bit too long… the boy is getting restless for one of those bundles of joy that like to scream, cry, suck boobies, and interfere with all the fun and independence I’ve gottten quite used to. Then there is the whole 9 month dealio. WHY can’t they figure out a way so men can have babies?

Where was I?? Oh yes. The bundle of joy is our precious, adorable and absolutely hilarious Boston Terrier who we named Lucy. She was born October 19, 2005 and we picked her up in December, 2005. She’s pretty much the love of our lives. Like all bundles of joy, our lives revolve around her. No more Happy Hours in the city after work as I gotta go home to let Lucy out and go for a walk. Weekends away? We couldn’t POSSIBLY leave Lucy with a dog sitter. She rules our world and we’re pretty happy to let her.

I’ll write more in my next posting (hopefully it won’t be in 2009!) Perhaps I’ll figure out how to post pictures on this thing…


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