The drug called sports

I’m sitting here on a BEYOOOTIFUL Sunday afternoon listening to the Warriors/Timberwolves game on the radio – how pathetic is that? I feel a bit lame, but it is what it is.

The Warriors are in the “playoff chase”. As a die hard Giants fan, I ain’t experiencing such an occasion anytime in the near future…

So what does the addictive personality do? Find the next best thing — basketball in the Bay Area. It’s pretty exciting I have to admit. I found myself tempted to purchase tickets to Baron Davis’ bday party, to occur tonight at Mezzanine in the city. Of course as a person who listens to the radio at 3pm on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, I have no idea what Mezzanine is but I’m assuming it’s a hot night spot in the city. If I weren’t so old and didn’t have to wake up for work at oh 4 AM, I’d go. Seriously. I am tempted.

Instead, I will be good. I have plans to walk with a friend in a local suburban area, maybe enjoy a glass of wine on a patio somewhere then prepare for yet another OH SO FUN work week (the caps are an attempt to demonstrate the sarcasm in my voice!) – but how much fun would it be to dance and get down with Baron Davis and his teammates… grrrrr!

Ok the Warriors just won the game, but icing on the cake will be the moment when the Kings beat the Clippers, with whom the Warriors are neck and neck with in the chase for a Playoff berth.

Thanks to Ayelet who re-introduced me to the world of blogging. It is quite therapeutic indeed! Time to refill the wine glass.


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