Be good to yourself

I am kicking myself today, feeling disappointed. I made a promise to myself that I did not keep. There is definitely no worse sense of disappointment than feeling disappointed in yourself. I need to be stronger and stick to my commitments.

I just read my horoscope too, which actually makes me feel a bit better cause it’s almost like it was meant to be, although I am not really much of a believer in astrology. Here it is:

“There is a lot of heavy emotional energy around you today and it could make you start feeling moody and slow. Don’t worry about it. So what if you take a little longer to get ready this morning, or you’re not quite as talkative as you usually are? The people who know and respect you aren’t going to get upset about it, so why should you? Drink all the extra cups of coffee you want, your situation won’t change. But in a few days, it will be over.”

Guess the best I can do is apologize to myself. As we forgive, forget, and move on when it comes to friends and family, I gotta do the same for myself.


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