My Morning Friends

I have these friends who keep me company on my daily morning walk with Lucy. While Lucy sniffs, explores and chases squirrels in the dark, I am entertained by my friends. They are with me from start to finish, at my command. I don’t have to wait for them ever. They each have a unique personality, with different types of humor. I have been known to LOL (at the amusement of other trail walkers, I’m sure) at times. I don’t have to talk, just listen and laugh. I know what to expect from each of them and the beautiful thing is I can do no wrong with these friends and they never ask a thing of me in return.

These friends of mine are the crew of the “Murph and Mac” morning show on KNBR 680. They don’t know me of course, but oh, do I know them!

There is Brian Murphy (Murph), my favorite and who over the years I’ve developed a mild crush on. He’s a man full of heart and personality. Paul McCaffery (Paulie Mac), is a fun loving, passionate guy with a talent for recording current event appropriate musical renditions for the show. Dan Dibley (Dibs) is their utility guy who does everything from report the daily traffic conditions to running ultra-marathons. Patrick Conner (P-Con) is their ultra talented producer who has a knack for inserting the most perfect sound bytes to complement Murph & Mac’s witty dialogue.

My day is not complete without having spent 1 1/2 hours listening to their show. I know the timing of every segment: Top 10 news stories, business, traffic. Of course KNBR is a sports radio station so the majority of the time they are talking about a topic I love! I will have a pretty good idea of topics they will be discussing, based on how the various bay area sports teams performed the day before. If the Warriors win by 1 point at the buzzer, it’s gonna be a fun day. If the Giants lose 15-0, it’s gonna be a day filled with ranting and raving.

How lucky am I? How many gals can say they have such a great group of boypals?


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