The Black Thumb

I bought a small hyacinth plant 2 weeks ago. The beautiful pink and peach flower called out to me. Every day, for the past two weeks, I’ve been carefully tending to my plant…. directions say it needs bright light, so my plant resides on the window sill in the kitchen where it should get the most sunlight of any other place in the house. I have been giving my plant approx. 3 tablespoons of a water/plant food mixture just to keep the soil moist, as per the directions.

Every morning, I’ve anxiously tended to my plant… with much trepidation. You see, I have never been very successful at keeping a plant alive. Ever.

In fact two weeks is probably a record for me.

Sure enough, this morning, I noticed the tell-tale signs of a plant that is dying…. the leaves are turning a bit yellow and the flower is showing signs of wilting.


Maybe I am better off sticking to technology.


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