What’s Normal?

Definitely not me!

It’s funny, we spend much of our younger years trying to fit in and to “be normal”…

Then we grow up, develop our unique styles and personalities. We then work extra hard to demonstrate what makes us different from everyone else. We no longer want to be a face in the crowd, but instead, someone “special”.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the term “normal” because for the past few months, I’ve wanted desperately to be “normal”. Let me add some context… I seem to be inflicted with some kind of (medical?) condition and my body is just not cooperating when it comes to, oh, let’s just say, the basic female functions. I have doctors helping me but everyone is scratching their heads and I am starting to feel like a freak!! Well not really… but it does cross my mind. : )

I know I’m not alone. I google my symptoms and read tons of blogs, discussion lists, articles, etc. and I know that there are many women out there going through similar issues… to be honest, most of the stories I have read describe situations that are much worse than mine!

All I can do is keep thinking positively and forge ahead. Hopefully I can get back to “normal”sometime soon!


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