I have some amazing friends. I have been thinking alot about friendships after realizing that someone I considered to be a friend does not reciprocate that sentiment. I realize that I need to be more selective over who I spend my valuable time with. Friendships should be mutually supportive, respectful, non-judgmental in nature. Most of my friendships are based on such simple principles.

One of my true and dear friends, Victoria, sent me the following:

We don’t get to have friends who stay with us for a long time often, and as years go by I value my friendship with girls like you more, because we will always be friends and that’s not very common these days. People tend to be flaky and they come and go. and sometimes they grow apart. So it’s really important to keep those who are close to us, who have seen us through good and bad close by. And we have to take friends for what they are, with traits that we like and with traits we disagree on. Good friends are like family members, you love them but also get annoyed by things you don’t like about them…., Then there are other types of friends who kind of fade away with time, they just don’t seem to care about you or be interested in your life, those we call them good ridden. You know who i’m talking about! 🙂

Victoria and I have had many discussions about “friends” who have faded away as she describes.
We are constantly evolving individuals and sometimes friends come to us to serve a specific purpose and once that purpose has been met, both parties move on. Such is life.

But the true friends who remain through good & bad, richer & poorer, are those to hold on to.


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