3 Great words

I will never forget these three words. When I was a child, my dad told me that these three words were his favorite words of all time.

He had great taste…. I do feel like these are words that should be used as much as possible, when appropriate, of course!

1. Nincompoop.
a stupid foolish person

She was a nincompoop to believe the Giants would win the game.

2. Titillation.
c.1425, “pleasing excitement,” from L. titillationem (nom. titillatio) “a tickling,” noun of action from titillare “to tickle,” imitative of giggling.

My husband seems to gain much titillation at my expense.

3. Discombobulated.
having self-possession upset; thrown into confusion; “the hecklers pelted the discombobulated speaker with anything that came to hand”; “looked at each other dumbly, quite disconcerted”- G.B.Shaw

The Olympic Torch Bearers were discombobulated by Gavin Newsom’s change of plans.


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