The Plan

I had grand plans over the next week or so, but I must now put question marks next to each event on my calendar.

My new doctor gave me “the plan” today…. Ouch, I think they now own my life.

Last weekend, I had dragged my sweet husband to a cold, sterile, lab so we could get a boatload of blood tests done. No kidding, these people mean business. I left the room woozy after the lab technician drew 6 vials of blood out of me. I think Pete had 5 vials drawn.

The reason for the blood tests were to check to make sure neither of us are inflicted with any infectious diseases. Why should they care? They want proof that we are clean, in the event we try to sue them for giving one of us something during treatment! Man, I forget what a litigious world we live in.

I thought we were done with the red tape, but now they need us to come in to sign consent forms this Saturday (of course I had made plans for that day) — it’s not good enough if we were to sign and fax the forms in. NO… the forms must be signed in their presence — you know how I am, forging Pete’s name all the time. ; )

I start the drugs on Thursday – two a day for 5 days – then wait a few days, then at day 11, I gotta start testing. The moment I get a positive reading, I need to come in to get an ultrasound.

OF COURSE, knowing me and my luck, it will EITHER happen on day 11 (the day I have plans to attend the kick off party for the SF International film festival) OR on day 13 (the day I have plans to go to a music festival in Livermore).


I guess my doctors are just preparing me for what’s in store in the event all of this works — yeah, that’s right: no life!!

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