Say Anything

My boy Brian Murphy (those of you regulars KNOW all about my girly crush on this man… Pete knows not to worry, it’s just a girly crush, never to be acted upon… jeez, it’s not like he would give me the time of the day ANYWAYS, calm down people).

Where was I?

Oh yes, this morning on the “top 6 news stories” on KNBR, Murph talked about how these days, you just ain’t nobody unless you have a stalker.

C’mon now, how many times have you heard in recent months of celebrities and their stalkers… suing their stalkers, getting restraining orders on their stalkers, etc… ?? it is getting a bit old.

BUT of course, when Murph talks about it, it sounds really cool, exciting, fun and noteworthy. I want a stalker too, dammit!

Today Murph revealed that John Cusack is the newest celebrity to report a stalker.

HELLO? has anybody seen, “Say Anything”? If I knew where that boy lived, hell, I might be a stalker myself.

The 30 second story on KNBR really got me thinking about John Cusack. Murph talked about how he thought the female stalker could quite possibly be his OWN wife who apparently has a similar taste in men as I do…. L.O.L.

Murph’s wife (who, BTW, sounds like a strong, smart woman who I would probably get along marvelously with), stated that the appeal of Cusack is that he’s not the super handsome, hot, got it together guy (a la George Clooney), but instead, he’s the reclusive, silent, and a bit socially inexperienced guy.

The kinda guy women feel CERTAIN that they (and only THEY of course) can bring out of his shell.

I can’t speak for all of you gals, but what woman would not melt upon looking out their window to see John Cusack standing defiantly outside their childhood home with a ginormous boombox blasting, “In Your Eyes”???

You are so LYING if you say NO.


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