What a fun word. Makes me think about Hawaiian dances or something. I spent some time on various “Wiki”s this weekend… let’s see, there’s Wikipedia, Wikihow, Wiktionary and a bunch of others. The concept is each site is a giant online resource that can be edited by virtually anyone. So it’s a continually evolving project.

Anyhoo, I wanted to do some research before showing up to the Seder, so I searched on “Passover” and “Seder”. I found myself reading an article, “how to be a respectful Non-Jew at a Seder” — perfect! It actually wasn’t terribly useful given the article was geared for a more traditional Seder.

I found myself getting sucked in big time. You can read about one topic and they always give you links to other “similar” topics. Somehow, I found myself reading, “how to be liked” (!!!) and “how to be popular but not mean”. Are you kidding me? If ONLY Wiki existed when I was in high school. Kids these days really have it easy.

I’m off to read about “how to pass time when bored.” I’ll keep you posted.


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