$126 Million

… that is the amount of money the Giants are paying one pitcher (Barry Zito) over 7 years. Can someone please pay ME $126 Million for 7 years? jeez, I’d settle for 1 Million.

Here’s the deal, the guy stinks. He hasn’t won a single game yet all season and he is the first pitcher in Giants history since the 1920’s to start with a 0-5 record. I would feel like a criminal if I were him for pulling off such a scam. Or maybe I should look at this from the other side and ask, “how could the Giants be so stupid to give him so much money?”

The reason he got the contract in the first place was due to his proven excellence pitching for the A’s.

Listening to my boys on KNBR, I hear so many theories as to why he’s in such a slump… if you can call it that (jeez, it’s been over a year now since he’s been with the Giants):

– Some folks are saying he’s not comfortable as an “Ace” (yeah, the Giants still call him their Ace pitcher, hello!?!? anybody home?) — he feels more comfortable under the radar (hello?!?! you’re in the Major League, buddy!).

– Some say he’s trying too hard. Oh my gosh, if that’s the case, I’d hate to see him when he stops trying.

– There is speculation that he has lost his core strength due the fact that he no longer surfs (The Giants made him agree not to surf during the term of his contract as prevention against injury). Brian Murphy on KNBR joked that perhaps Zito needs to go out and surf and… ahem… get himself on the DL.. (of course he was joking!)

Etc, etc… People love to have an “explanation”. I don’t really care about explanations. In this world, it’s about productivity and performance. Those who are productive and perform well succeed… right?

I know that they can’t take the money back, but why the heck don’t they let the younger pitchers have a chance to win his title?

The Giants are giving kids the messsage that hard work and performance means nothing. Get that big contract then rest on your laurels, young lads.


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