The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

I found myself a bit envious of the check out gal at Safeway this morning. She has been working there for many years so she knows me by now — it’s kinda creepy how grocery store checkout folks know so much about their clientele based on their purchases. I digress.

I don’t even know this gal’s name, but she is eternally friendly, cheerful and has that “customer service atttude” that never seems to wane… regardless of what crazy, grocery store related dilemmas occur.

Sometimes I miss that job where at the end of your day or shift, you truly leave work behind. In the corporate world, our careers encompasses every aspect of life. No escape… we dream (or have nightmares!) about it, we research ways to be better at it, etc. Most importantly our work affords us the ability to enjoy life outside of the office

I have literally done it ALL in my life so far: waitress (seriously… the. most. stressful. job), pants presser at the dry cleaners, newspaper delivery gal, catering assistant, receptionist, games attendant at Great America, house cleaner, I have even cleaned test tubes before!

I’m proud of my “checkered past” and it does make me appreciate my current career, but there are times when I miss the low stress, low commitment, low brain power situation…

But I also know that given the choice to go back, I wouldn’t!!


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