It’s the last day of the month!

Update: Giants won today!

Unfortunately I was too busy today to spend much quality time watching the game, but I’m happy they won.

Something happened to the internet connection at my boss’ house (yes, it is crazy, but our “corporate” server resides at his home!) so working was truly painful as every application we use was ridiculously slow.

I got the funniest email from the IT Director of a large East Coast University who had all but promised to purchase software from me by the end of April. He wrote me a 3 paragraph email that was basically a sob story about why he could not buy now but needed to wait until July 1 (school budgets are weird).

Too funny… I have never received an email like that before. I ended up working with him to commit to a purchase so he could secure the “special deal” that expires at the end of today. Truth be told, I wouldn’t have cared if the order were to arrive tomorrow, but I felt like I should get the signed piece of paper just in case.

I really like this man and I intend to do everything I can to ensure things go smoothly for them. It is so refreshing to deal with a prospect who is honest, upfront and even HUMAN. He also bent over backward to get me what I needed, so I felt a sense of respect I usually do not get.


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