Just like a drug

My girlfriend, Ayelet, wrote about this topic, so I am going to copy her! : )

I have weaned myself off caffeine. It’s been going well… except for the dull headache I seem to have constantly.

This afternoon I was drinking one of those new & hip enhanced water drinks, called “Alive”. It tasted pretty good!

I started to read the bottle and there was actually a note that the drink has as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, as a benefit of course… doh!

No wonder that headache subsided for a while.


1 Response to “Just like a drug”

  1. 1 Ayelet
    May 3, 2008 at 12:18 am

    In the culinary medicine session I went to this week, the doctor (www.chefmdtv.com) talked about how drinking coffee is actually good for us. I have no idea who is right or wrong any more? I just know that aspartame is not something I want in my system. The author of Real Food told us to eat butter. She had this funny slide where on one side it said: Content of real whipped cream: cream.” And on the other side, she had Content of Whipped cream topping (canned, which had a huge list of ingredients. One that they use in personal lubricants! I think I am going to start eating butter …

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