Worried Mama…

This morning Lucy and I went on our daily “walkie”. When we got to her favorite part where the trail opens up and there’s a nice sized meadow where she can sprint around and around, I noted that the grass had gotten quite dry and tall.

About an hour after we returned home, Lucy started sneezing uncontrollably, clearly she was in agony. It wasn’t subsiding so Pete took her to the vet.

Apparently she got a foxtail up her nose and they would need to sedate her and use forceps to get it out. Poor baby! She’s at the vet now and the house seems so empty without her.

Oh, I must mention the pricetag for the vet visit: $420! Ouch. Ayelet told me, “you could stay at a five star hotel for that price!” Double ouch. Oh well, my Lucy is worth 5 stars!


1 Response to “Worried Mama…”

  1. 1 Ayelet
    May 3, 2008 at 12:11 am

    Lucy is priceless and is worth every penny! I just feel bad that she was suffering. I am just glad she is ok and will be home real soon!!!

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