Welcome to my new world..

So my Eastern Medicine “Practitioner” (not sure what the correct word is) told me today that I can only drink liquids that are room temperature, warm or preferably hot…

She tells me this on the hottest day of the season so far (it’s easily 100 degrees). Gulp, just before my appointment I had devoured an icy fruitsicle.

So, now I’m blogging drinking hot tea feeling like a dumb A and I had to take all of my cold drinks out of the refrigerator. Sigh.

But, all in all, I feel positive about my new Eastern Medicine Plan. My practitioner spent 45 minutes with me talking about the various procedures in store for me. She told me they would mix an herbal remedy. And of course she described my new diet… pretty much I will not be able to eat out in an actual restaurant anytime in the near future.

There goes my social life, officially.

The good news is I didn’t have to pay a dime, the first consultation was FREE! In contrast my previous “practitioner” charged me $275 the moment I walked in the door. Guess that’s just one of the many differences between Eastern and Western medicine.


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