Minor blip in an otherwise fabulous day

I can’t believe I didn’t blog about this yesterday!

Sunday afternoon I met up with my favorite gal, A, for a quickie snack / glass of wine – BR Cohn Chardonnay to be exact (we were both craving it as they had run out of Chardonnay at the BR Cohn WINERY when were were there the day before – isn’t that against the law in California?)

Anyhoo, we were relaxing on the patio while Lucy charmed the other customers, enjoying a perfect afternoon. All of a sudden, we heard a loud bang. I looked toward the sound and realized someone had just backed into MY car! I was so worried they would drive off, so I ran over and started waving him down. Luckily he was already getting out of the car and seemed shocked that there was something behind hime.

Side note: I did notice he was wearing a Bay to Breakers t-shirt and I do remember that post-race dazed and confused state of mind (it hasn’t been THAT long since I was an avid runner)

At first I didn’t think there was any damage but then I noticed a huge crack to the side of my license plate on my bumper. His back hitch had hit my license plate and the impact caused the bumper to crack.

Luckily the other driver was very cooperative and apologized a few times. We exchanged information and he went on his way and I went back to my Chardonnay…

Of COURSE, dealing with the insurance adjusters has not be quite so smooth…. Is it just me or could these people care less about their job?


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