Words of 2008 in my life

Here is a follow up to the 2008 words post… the 2008 words as they pertain to ME!
(see my previous post for reference, or you will be ultra confused)

My husband and I (verifiable mouse potatoes) strive to become Sitcoms someday. We do not currently live in Generica. However if we do become Sitcoms, more than likely that is where we will be! My parents on the other hand are Woofs… go figure.

At work, I seem to have a lot of salmon days and deal with many 404s regularly. My boss is definitely a stresspuppy.

I do suffer from an addiction to irritainment, looking forward to my US magazine delivery each Thursday afternoon.

To give you an idea of the kind of luck I have, I have swipeouts often and the Ohnoseconds come often.

Luckily I do not live in a cubicle, so I don’t have to deal with cubefarms or prairiedogging, but cropdusting does occur ’round here!


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