The Big Scare

I am feeling much better, by the way… Phew! sickness aborted.

Anyhoo… thought I’d mention my big scare over the weekend. I almost lost my beloved Lucy.

I cannot bear to think about life without her… not to mention my husband would probably divorce me.

I typically let her walk with me off-leash, much to the chagrin of other dogwalkers who are obedient unlike me. She’s usually pretty good at following me or at least catching up to me if I get too far up the trail. She does have lots of distractions – the 1/2 eaten bagel near the HS, uncovering lost tennis balls, other doggie smells, and of course chasing her nemeses: squirrels! … And yes, I double-checked, nemeses IS the plural of nemesis.

On Sunday I wanted to experiment by doing a bit of run/walking. We were at one section of the trail and I started running. I looked back and saw her about 100 yards back darting out of some bushes. It looked like she was running out to catch up with me, so I kept running. A few paces later, I looked back and she was nowhere in sight. So, I backtracked, calling her, then angrily screaming her name (“that dog!” I muttered to myself). After a few minutes I started to get worried. I walked back and forth in that stretch of the trail several times and my mind started to race. Panicked I thought that perhaps she had shimmied under a fence and someone decided to take her inside. But, how could that happen so quickly? I started asking everyone who passed me if they had seen a black and white dog. Finally, two of the ladies I had asked called out to me and I saw that they were leading my little Lucy back. Thank GOODNESS I had reached out to them. Apparently Lucy ran out of the bushes, didn’t see me so she backtracked and was in a completely different section of the trail.

Tears of joy as Lucy raced toward me and into my arms. She ain’t a real baby but she’s my baby.


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