Bermuda is beautiful. It was the first Caribbean island I had ever visited. I must say it is quite a beautiful place… pristine, clean and you can definitely get a sense for the British influence.

We cruised here from NJ. I enjoyed the experience for the most part, except for the rough seas due to storms off the Atlantic coast. I have a tendency to get sea-sick and the 2nd day of cruising was pretty painful. BUT, we made it and I really enjoyed hanging out at Hamilton Beach, where, yes, the beaches are pink… guess it is cause the consistency is coral rather than silicon.

I must say, do not make plans to stay here for a week. I really feel like you may run out of things to do. The beaches are beautiful but there isn’t much else to offer. I didn’t make it to Hamilton, the capital, so unless there is a plethora of fun stuff there…. Bermuda is a 2 or 3 day trip max. Unlike places like Hawaii or Mexico where you can find good hiking and other areas to explore, I felt like Bermuda was a bit limited.

BUT, as I said, it’s beautiful, pristine, clean, and everyone you meet is ultra polite and fits that “island relaxed” style.


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