The problem with blogging as an online diary

First off, this is a picture of me & my family celebrating a belated Father’s Day. We feasted on homemade breadsticks, salad, grilled asparagus & cauliflower and baked pork tenderloins. Dessert was a refreshing, cool, smooth vanilla flavored panna cotta with fresh mint and raspberry puree as a sauce.
My mom is amazing. The reality is she could fry up some plastic forks and it would be delicious.
I forget how great my nephew is. I miss him and hope we can have him over for a long weekend sometime soon. He’s 13 years old and just plain fun. We played “telephone” and his word/phrase was, “Mytosis Green” — we all thought he said “my toes are green”.
I was not very productive today. I’m still in weekend mode but I think it’s more like NEXT weekend mode. Too bad I have a gazillion meetings this week to survive first. What’s going on next weekend? WELL, it’s the girl’s (Ayelet & Jackie) bday celebration up at Healdsburg. We are staying at a fabulous 5 bedroom private home in Wine Country. There is a jacuzzi, deck, bbq, wifi, and all the amenities. http://www.vrbo.com/174516
It’s been a while but here’s my one thoughtful comment for the day… This is something that has actually been bugging me for a while. Okay, you probably recognize that I do love to blog, when I’m in town. For me, it’s a rather therapeutic way to process the random thoughts that run through my haphazard mind. You’d agree that blogging is like an online diary. But what if you feel a STRONG need to blog (vent, gossip, criticize, talk smack about, etc) someone or some people that you know are regular readers of your blog? You just can’t – unless you are willing to have your family disown you. Oops, did I give it away? Anyhoo, that is why I would really love to find a blog medium that allows you to create multi-tiered access levels: a ridiculously small set of friends or lovers would have access to everything, friends/FAMILY would have access to certain juicy posts, and the general public would have access to the most mundane and bland of the posts. I would feel a lot more free to speak my mind truly and freely (to the privileged few of course). I have yet to find such a tool. Hell, I might actually pay for such a product!
So… you software developers out there, get to work. And then when you are done, let me know, so I can sell your product to others. yeah, any chance to work it… I will!

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