Same story, another day

That is the theme for the day. I heard back from my big prospect in the U.K. that budget was not approved to purchase my product and “if business gets better” they will purchase in Q4 or Q1 ’09.

The kicker is that these people have told us this pretty much every quarter for the past 2 years. Is it time to face reality and give up? As a salesperson, I am the eternal optimist. When someone says they will put it in the budget for the next year, I believe them. Silly me.

Luckily there are days when someone will call me and say, “guess what? we got approval to purchase ahead of schedule”. Those days are pretty rare, but I guess it goes to show you that life as a salesperson is a bit like a roller-coaster ride.

On another note, my boss just fired our intern… so now he’s interviewing a new lackey to handle our technology needs. I guess we all should have known when on his first day at the job, the kid blatantly played video games at his computer! It seems like our employees either last for years or for a very very short time.

Happy Hump Day!


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