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This cat could kick Lucy’s butt

At 44 pounds, this cat is more than twice the size of my Lucy… yikes!

And here’s the breaking news update from SFGate:

Breaking enormous cat news! It turns out that the 44-pound feline found roaming Voorhees, N.J., and dubbed “Princess Chuck” is actually a he named Powder. His owner, who said her home was foreclosed, abandoned the portly pussy. An animal shelter has been flooded with calls from people wanting to adopt Powder.

Time for a diet!


An unlikely hero

I really enjoyed this article in SFGate,

Call me crazy, but this courageous man’s story speaks to my independent nature.  There is a part of me that is attracted to a lifestyle with “no strings attached” – no PG&E bills to contend with, no lawns to mow [not that I mow the lawn myself but you get my point!] – living off the land and using survival instincts.

I am also inspired by a man who has hit the bottom and is making strides to change his situation.  I do admire his craftiness and will to survive.  Plus, I am sure he is saving more money per month than most people in the Bay Area.

A couple of my thoughts:

I wish him luck and hope he can stay safe and healthy.

I also wonder if he might not be able to get a better job?  Telemarketing for a software company should yield more than what he makes now.  Back at Lyris in 2003, I hired an entry level telemarketing person for $30k/year plus benefits (I thought that was a ridiculously low salary at the time).

I wonder if he is going to suddenly get some job opportunities, donations, etc as a result of this article being published?… I hope so!


Beware: this post will bore you

I’m feeling really uninspired today.  Have spent the last hour surfing the web – correction, StumblingUpon – trying to find inspiration for today’s blog post.  I’m coming up with nothing.  Maybe my brain is in non-absorption mode?  Decided to start typing and see if anything comes to me…

It’s not looking good so far, however my OCD personality is causing me continue to type.  I made a promise to myself to blog every work day, but I’m starting to feel a bit lame writing about nothing.

Well, to make this post somewhat worth your time : ) – here are some fun pictures taken recently:

Oh, and I just found a quote I like,

“Over himself, over his own body and mind, the individual is sovereign.” – John Stuart Mill

Thanks for your time! I will try to be more interesting tomorrow.



Get used to it, people!

I don’t have to remind anyone that I’ve adopted a “clean-living” lifestyle.  It hasn’t been as agonizing as I thought it would be.  I’ve gotten used to it… although I SOOO wanted to snatch someone’s glass of chardonnay while dining at Sideboard the other day – I refrained.

Mostly, I don’t miss alcohol.  Instead, I’m having a hard time dealing with the reactions I get from others because I’m NOT drinking.  My true friends are wonderful.  They act completely normal, drinking wine as usual and not making a big deal over the fact that I’m not joining them.  I would be really bummed if they felt awkward drinking in my presence.

I don’t understand why others feel the need to bring attention to the fact that I’m not drinking.

At lunch with my family the other day, my mom’s husband Bert brought some wine.  The waitress came around to pour me a glass and I declined.  A bit later, Bert pointedly asked if I was SURE I didn’t want any wine.  Before I had a chance to reply, my mom quickly interjected, “no, she doesn’t want any wine!”  OHH-KAY, a bit strange and awkward.  She probably doesn’t believe I have the willpower to resist!

Last weekend at a group dinner, I drank virgin cocktails.  One of the men in the group learned that I wasn’t drinking alcohol.  This was clearly a comedic episode for him as he proceeded to laugh hysterically and make sarcastic and disbelieving comments.  Maybe he thought I was joking?  – As IF I would not drink for a joke.  A moment later, he said, “what a sacrifice!” For some reason this comment bothered me more than anything… so full of assumptions.  Maybe I’ve given up alcohol cause I woke up one morning and no longer enjoyed the taste of alcohol?  Maybe a doctor told me to stop (thus it wouldn’t be a sacrifice, it would be a requirement)? 

I’m sure I am being too sensitive.  AND, who am I kidding?  This IS a sacrifice (truth hurts, right?)  Let’s face it, I made my bed and now I must lay in it.  People know me as a drinker.  I have never been one to decline a glass of wine – never, ever, ever.  So, I’m sure people feel somewhat awkward because the ME they are used to, is not acting like ME.


Channelling Martha

News Flash!

“Sheila DeStefano Bakes Home-grown Blackberry Muffins for Breakfast”

Those who know me well, are aware that my idea of cooking is popping a TV dinner in the microwave, so this was a HUGE event. 

Over the weekend, we discovered an overgrown blackberry bush in the yard.  Since our landlord fired the gardener, our backyard has been in disarray so we haven’t spent much time back there.  What a surprise! There were tons of blackberries that had died from the heat, so I picked the ripe berries and found them to be very sweet. 

A quick search on and 45 minutes later, breakfast for the week!


(and YES, the muffins did taste good, ask Pete!)


This and that

The good news is my Monday is flying by adequately quickly.  But it is never a good sign when you get a sales lead from an email address that includes, “runaway_granny”.  Life in sales. 

I would classify this past weekend as a perfectly satisfying weekend with all the elements:  dinner & great conversation w/ friends, time with family (mom’s bd), activity (biking with Jax & Mark) and time with the hubby (watching the movie 21).

I think my newly adopted “clean living” lifestyle has helped me mentally as well as (hopefully) physically.   I will say, my mind seems clearer lately.  I’m less absent-minded.  Could it be some of the brain cells I’ve killed over there years are growing back?  Or do I just have a need to “believe”?


Friday Bullets

I’m in a much happier place today.  I am extremely lucky to have wonderful friends in my life to help me maintain my sanity.   I hope they know I appreciate them beyonds words on a blog.

Also, it’s FRIDAY!  Oh just as an aside, it was another single line on the plastic device, but I’m done bitching about that for today.

Here’s what’s going on:

  • My mom turned 45 (oops, I mean 65) this week.  We are celebrating with a visit to Copia and lunch at Downtown Joe’s in Napa.  For some reason she is making a big deal out of turning 65, even though the reality is people mistake her for my sister!  Happy Birthday, Mom!
  • I’ve been on a blogging spree this week… I moved my blog from Blogger to WordPress.  Blogger got too buggy and unreliable for me, and so far so good with WordPress.  I also registered a domain, and helped miss Lucy set up a blog with a domain,  Visit her blog, it’s pretty entertaining.
  • I am being a very green, Good Samaritan today.  I am giving my old Blackberry to a man who’s kid’s cellphone broke and he is looking for a replacement before the contract expires.  I signed up for an Yahoo Group called Danville Freecycle, a community of folks who may have items to give away or need items others might be giving away.
  • I cannot believe how excited I am to get my nails done in about 2 hours… they are in disastrous condition at the moment.  More so, I cannot believe I’m blogging about it.
  • Tonight, Pete, Lucy and I are off to another (sure to be fabulous) Raclette dinner at Ayelet (the self proclaimed Jewish mother’s) house.  ; ) Seriously, it’s a dangerous combination…  Jewish mother + excellent chef combined in one?  Our waistbands don’t stand a chance.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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