A very different massage

I went for a massage today. I know what you are thinking, “lucky bitch, must be nice to skedaddle mid-day for some pampering.”

we-ll I must say this massage was probably more stressful than relaxing. It was a massage prescribed to me by a medical practitioner for fertility reasons to stimulate my system to act more “normal” ie: fertile.

I had no idea what to expect. Unlike typical massages, I didn’t have to get naked. Like typical massages, the room was dark. Unlike typical massages, I lay face up. Unlike typical massages, I was an active participant.

The first “exercise” my “masseuse” had me do is breathe in a totally unnatural way, through the stomach. I could not grasp how to do it until she told me to pretend I’m trying to blow up a helium balloon that is in my stomach. I finally got a hang of it.

Then, she proceeded to put pressure on each of my organs: the right kidney, left kidney, heart, liver, stomach and reproductive organs. With each organ, as she put pressure, there was a different way for me to breathe, a different color light to focus on, a different emotion to focus on releasing, and a different emotion to focus on bringing into the organ. For example, when she put pressure on my heart, I had to focus on red lights and during the exhale I had to vocally utter, “vuhhhhhhhh”. I can’t remember the different emotions but they were things like, focusing on releasing anxiety and impatience while focusing on obtaining kindness and generosity.

A year ago, I would have thought this was wavy gravy, hokey b.s. But I guess some might say I’m getting desperate!

She then put massaged with funny movements paying further attention to each of the organs, probably more similar to a typical massage but given the pressure was on vital organ parts, it wasn’t a pleasant feeling.

The end of the massage was very nice, she massaged my neck and head, much like a normal massage.

I guess I’m sold cause I have an appointment for another next week!


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