Friday Bullets

  • Okay, the Giants are pathetic. Their East Coast performance has been embarrassing thus far (swept by the Mets, first game with the Cubbies lost).
  • This weekend I have zero plans of the typical “Social Sheila” variety (parties, dinners out, etc – you know the type of plans that require makeup and wardrobe planning) but rather have plans to walk with Anna and Julianne in Tiburon Saturday morning. Maybe a hike with Amy Sunday morning. Other than that, nada! Yay, that means I could get away with wearing shorts, t-shirts & flipflops all weekend long.
  • Today I went to lunch with my mom. As I described my acupuncture treatment, she actually asked me, “was she (as in the practitioner) Chinese?” followed with, “was the place clean?” – had to do a bit of educating about the world today. For those of you who are scratching your head, this will explain it: my mother is Japanese and grew up with a very competitive and anti-Chinese/Korean mentality.
  • Lucy managed to lose her collar today. I have no idea how she got it off nor where she put it. I am thinking it somehow got lodged somewhere and came apart. She took one look at it and thought, “a-ha! here’s my chance”, buried it in the backyard and said, “good riddance!” Now she’s back wearing the stinky collar she was wearing when she got skunked.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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