When something you depend on fails you

Somehow, I have found myself addicted to Twitter. Chute, I even set Lucy up with an account!

It’s a great tool for me to quickly let a bunch of people know what I’m doing. It’s also the easiest way to learn what’s new in technology, sports, and other topics that interest me.

You can do it to! Simply find an available twitterer from Twellow who is an expert in the industry and start to follow them.

Next thing you know, you’ll get up-to-date “tweets” as your “followed” twitterers post something. You can get these tweets on the web or even on your cellphone if you want.

The problem with Twitter is it is highly unstable. The service goes down if there are too many twitterers using it. I have seen their “service down” screen (picture of a whale being carried by a swarm of orange birds) way too many times for something that so many people rely on.

There is clearly much misery displayed (in the form of tweets received an hour later than intended, once the service has returned) from users who are sick and tired of the lack of availability of this tool.

Sadly, I think everyone is in the same boat as I. We love to hate Twitter. I can’t imagine giving up on Twitter at this point, so I just live with it.


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