Friday Bullets

I’m in a much happier place today.  I am extremely lucky to have wonderful friends in my life to help me maintain my sanity.   I hope they know I appreciate them beyonds words on a blog.

Also, it’s FRIDAY!  Oh just as an aside, it was another single line on the plastic device, but I’m done bitching about that for today.

Here’s what’s going on:

  • My mom turned 45 (oops, I mean 65) this week.  We are celebrating with a visit to Copia and lunch at Downtown Joe’s in Napa.  For some reason she is making a big deal out of turning 65, even though the reality is people mistake her for my sister!  Happy Birthday, Mom!
  • I’ve been on a blogging spree this week… I moved my blog from Blogger to WordPress.  Blogger got too buggy and unreliable for me, and so far so good with WordPress.  I also registered a domain, www.sheilablogs.com and helped miss Lucy set up a blog with a domain, www.lucyandfriends.com.  Visit her blog, it’s pretty entertaining.
  • I am being a very green, Good Samaritan today.  I am giving my old Blackberry to a man who’s kid’s cellphone broke and he is looking for a replacement before the contract expires.  I signed up for an Yahoo Group called Danville Freecycle, a community of folks who may have items to give away or need items others might be giving away.
  • I cannot believe how excited I am to get my nails done in about 2 hours… they are in disastrous condition at the moment.  More so, I cannot believe I’m blogging about it.
  • Tonight, Pete, Lucy and I are off to another (sure to be fabulous) Raclette dinner at Ayelet (the self proclaimed Jewish mother’s) house.  ; ) Seriously, it’s a dangerous combination…  Jewish mother + excellent chef combined in one?  Our waistbands don’t stand a chance.

Have a great weekend everyone!!


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