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Friday Bullets!

This is an extra special Friday Bullets post ’cause it is Friday before a long weekend.  The weather is fantastic, bring on the heat – I love it!  Yesterday it reached 106 with temps at 98 degrees at 7:30pm!  Apparently it is even fabulous in the city – what? 87 degrees in SF? unheard of.

  • I’m currently perusing THE source for Giants Tickets, as I’ve decided to attend as many Giants games as physically possible in September.  Pete has decided to sell off the remaining two charter license seats he owns to see the Giants play at AT&T Park.  It’s the sad end to an era, but the reality is it’s been a “money down the toilet” situation for a couple of years now.  I figure we can always buy good tickets (from those other suckers) whenever we want to go to a game.  Perhaps even splurge on great tickets as opposed to throwing money away every time a ticket goes unused (often).
  • Check this out!  Talk about the power of the written word… Yesterday, I blogged about my job and asked if anyone needed a software salesperson.  I kid you not, since posting that blog entry, I have received calls from two different recruiters! 
  • This weekend, young Pete turns 42.  Happy Birthday Pete!  We have plans on Saturday night to catch Chicago in concert at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga.  It’s a fine venue and we have a big group of good friends joining us in the celebration.  Sunday is THE surprise afternoon event.  Pete thinks he has figured out the surprise but I doubt it ’cause he would NOT have said, “thanks baby for planning it” – he he he!

Ooh!  The phone is ringing, perhaps another recruiter?  Bring ’em on.  I’ll let you go, but enjoy a fantastic long 3 day weekend, everyone!



I enjoy my job tremendously.  I have no complaints about the job itself.  BUT…  (of course, there is a BUT)

… BUT my boss is a cheapskate.  Think of the cheapest, tightest person you know and multiply their cheapness factor by 10, that is my boss.  After over a year of working with him, it is getting harder to endure.  Can I continue to smile and nod my head during the cheapskate episodes, which seem to occur much more frequently as time goes on?

Here are the the latest “examples”, for your entertainment – you will laugh:

  1. Apparently my boss could not understand why his wife was upset with him because for one of their anniversaries, he bought her cubic zirconia earrings and stuck them in a Tiffany box (she had asked for diamond of course!)
  2. For their 19th anniversary – which occurred this week – he learned that bronze is the traditional anniversary gift for 19 years, so he bought her a bronze eagle – just what you’ve always wanted right, gals?? 
  3. Here is the capper…  My boss recently hired a “virtual assistant” named Satin from Mumbai, India.  He is thrilled ’cause Satin is just ecstatic to work hard for $9/hour.  During a recent company meeting, I jokingly asked my boss if the our jobs are in danger of becoming outsourced too?  I fully expected him to ease our minds, to assure us that our specific skills were crucial to business, and not to worry.  But NO, his response, “well I cannot guarantee anything in the future.” 

Um… Anyone need a senior level software salesperson?


Cruel joke

Inagine this… You are sipping your coffee, and eating breakfast, trying to catch up on the news when you stumble upon an obituary… YOUR obituary?!?!

This is morbidly funny.  Apparently Bloomberg screwed up and mistakenly (how does this happen?) published Steve Jobs’ obituary.  Of COURSE he is still alive.  According to CNET’s article, it is typical for news outlets to prepare obituaries for famous people so when they actually do kick the bucket, their outlet might be the first to break the news. 

It is also “interesting” that Bloomberg completely downplayed their mistake by publishing the following retraction, “An incomplete story referencing Apple Inc. was inadvertently published by Bloomberg News at 4:27 p.m. New York time today. The item was never meant for publication and has been retracted.”


You can’t play cause you are too good

Pete first shared this story with me.  I had to go online and find the article for myself.

Jericho Scott is a talented 9 year old kid living in New Haven, CT.  He is a gifted Little League baseball pitcher capable of throwing pitches up to 40 mph.  Yet, the Youth Baseball League of which he belongs to wants to disband his team and prevent him from playing. 

Since when does the most talented kid get cut?

It appears that parents protested that the league disallow young Jericho to pitch, citing “security concerns”.  However Jericho has never hit a player or caused any injuries.

To me, this is just another example of overprotective parents coddling their children.  Whatever happened to toughening up your kids to prepare them from the harsh real world? 

Someday, these kids are going to be out on their own having to deal with challenging situations, whether they become Major league Baseball players or simply workers in the workforce having to meet project deadlines.  Mommy & Daddy will not be there to make the situation go away.



In general, I tend to have a pretty “glass full” perspective on life.  I am not sure if it is because my sign (Sagittarius) dictates that I am optimistic or if I am optimistic because I want to accurately portray the characteristics of my sign.  Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Either way, it’s a damn good thing I possess this trait.  I cannot imagine what my mentality at this stage of dealing with infertility issues would be if I were a pessimistic person.  Would I still be here?  Okay, I’ll try not to be morbid.

I’ve been thinking a lot about optimism and the ways that we, as human beings, adapt and deal with adversities in life.  

My long awaited period arrived over the weekend, so I’ve developed an new, rejuvenated level of optimism.  Or perrhaps it is naivety?  blind stupidity?  I have noticed that over the past few “normal” cycles (okay so it is a 46 day cycle vs. a 28 day cycle, but at LEAST the cycle is occuring) at the beginning, I feel so ridiculously positive minded and certain that this month is the month…  the month I will be like every other woman in the world and ovulate properly and on schedule.  Ha!  Fat chance.  I must be delusional because this has been my routine the last 4 cycles.  Oh, and then between day 14 and day 24 or so, I use up a box or two of ovulation kits thinking, “today is the day” each and every day until I finally give up. 

Do I sound optimistic now?  No just dumb, you are probably thinking.  Well… I just bought an ovulation microscope (stop laughing) so this month WILL be different, mark my words…


Outside Lands

If you do a search on Outside Lands on Yelp!, the reviews you will find sure ain’t pretty.  The consensus is that the event sucked with a capital S!  I did not attend on Friday night when most of the complainers  attended.  I can only imagine an event where 60k people arrive pretty much at the same time, from downtown SF, and attempt to squeeze in to see one or two specific bands (Beck & Radio Head).  Instead I came on a Sunday afternoon.  There were a number of stages with decent bands playing at each venue.  It was a very non-eventful, but pleasant experience.  No lines, very tame and mellow crowd, etc.  It is hard to believe I attended the same event as some of the haters on Yelp!  However, I didn’t stay long.  I really just wanted to experience the newest SF music event.  Or, perhaps I needed to feel youthful again (it HAS been a while since I attended Lollapalooza at the Shoreline ampitheatre back in the day).  Granted, my friends and I spent the majority of the time giggling under our breath over the fashion choices of fellow attendants.  Perhaps it was jealousy, cause we could not get away with raiding Urban Outfitters then going out in public as they do? 

One of the memorable events of the day was watching a young woman smoking very indiscreetly from a giant pink flamingo bong.  Only in SF, right?

Oh, and how old do I feel?

Enjoy the pictures:


How about an attempt to make up for my absence?

In case you didn’t notice, I took the day off on Friday.  Although I was working in the early am, I could not bring myself to write my usual Friday bullets!  Please forgive me, I’ll try to make up for it by entertaining you with fun pictures from the weekend.

What did I do on my day off you ask?  It was a perfect way to spend a free day.  After I finally logged off my computer, Lucy and I went for a walk around the Lafayette reservoir.  It wasn’t too hot at 10am (70 degrees or so) but poor little Lucy had a rough time.  This dog could run 10 miles non-stop in cool weather, and it wouldn’t faze her, but the second the sun & heat become a factor, she wilts very quickly.  I ended up carrying her the last 1/2 mile.  Then we picked up Ayelet and drove into the city for a fabulous lunch at Cafe Claude  with Jackie & Anna.  Cafe Claude?  “Oui Oui” is all I can say (I will write a Yelp review soon).  It was very nice in the city but Ayelet and I decided to head back to beautiful Danville.  After a quick stop to pick up a costume for Lucy to wear to Dog Days of Summer, we settled into our favorite hangout spot, Sideboard.   A couple of glasses of BR Cohn Chardonnay  and life is very very good. 

Poor Pete had a root canal on Friday so he wasn’t the most pleasant to be around this weekend.  Guess I gotta cut him some slack given he’s the big bday boy next weekend. 

Saturday was a LONG but fun day.  I had planned to go to Dog Days of Summer for months.   Had a few last-minute cancellations, but luckily my parents are troopers and I conned them into coming along.  We met up at the park and (gotta love ’em) they had gotten there early enough to score a great spot in line.  I dressed Lucy up in her costume and we were ready for the parade.  My only complaint – although I do understand why they do this – is that they shuffled us along so quickly that I couldn’t get many good photos of Lucy strutting her stuff at the ballpark.  The second I stopped to take a photo, one of the attendants would scream at me, “keep moving!”, irritating.  Nevertheless, it was a really fun day.  Memorable moments: #1. Bud e. Luv sang the National anthem, #2.  Barbara stating very matter-of-factly, “Barry Zito has a nice ass”, #3.  Giants win!

This post has gotten long.  Otherwise I’d tell you about long, fun day #2 (Sunday). 

Watch this space.

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