An example of the power of Social Media

I previously blogged about how my heart went out to this dog owner, who posted on Yelp that her beloved dog, Bongo had run away from home.  Read my post for the details.  In summary, the dog owner enlisted the Yelp community to gain the public’s awareness to keep an eye out for Bongo.  I’m sure it helped that Bongo is freaking cute!  Sure enough, Yelp members proceeded to rally and assist in the search effort by putting up flyers, hitting the city streets, and spreading the word.

I posted that entry on April 5 (Bongo got lost on March 20) and today is August 5.  As the months bore on, postings to that discussion thread became less and less and I’m sure Bongo’s owners were losing hope. 

Suddenly about a week ago, the threads started up again.  I was shocked to read that Bongo had been found!  The threads poured in.  Words of happiness and relief from Yelp members who, like me, followed the thread.  It seems like a miracle.  We haven’t gotten the full details yet from the owner, but hopefully we’ll get that soon.  Welcome home Bongo!

Wonder how successful the search would have been without the power of Yelp?


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