what do you do when you don’t know what to do?

This is an invitation for you, my fabulous readers, to comment with your advice.

Tell me what you do when…. any of the following or OTHER psychological or emotional issues arise for you:

  • The world ceases to make sense.
  • The thoughts in your mind swirl and do not form sensical meaning.
  • Getting through the day seems like a daunting, exhausting endeavor.
  • You are unsure of EVERYTHING.
  • Your spirit is wilted.
  • Disappointment is your overriding emotion

PLEASE, comment and tell me WHAT YOU DO…  what is your personal therapy?  what is your coping mechanism? how do you overcome such times?

For me, when things get rough, physical exercise is what keeps me going, providing me with a release and giving me a chance to process whatever is going on. 

Tell me what you do… don’t be shy!


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