Friday Bullets!

It’s Friday afternoon and I’m “all alone”… As in my coworkers are all away so guess who gets to answer every fricken call?  Oh! you need help configuring your MX records and opening your firewall port?  um.  yeah.  gulp.  My boss is too much.  Just before he left for his errand, he says, “go pee now cause you are going to be swamped for the next two hours”.  The funny part is the phone has not rung once since he left (please don’t let me jinx myself) and I’m SOO getting kudos for being a “team player”.   Note to self: plan to take a day off very soon.

Anyhoo, it is Friday so here we go!

  • For those of you who read yesterday’s post…  the saga continues.  Last night I dreamt of sea monsters.  I kid you not.  Must go on DreamMoods now and see what that is all about.  I am a bit scared.
  • Getting my nails done in a few hours, then will be heading to my favorite Danville bistro, Sideboard for a glass of vino and quick dinner with a pal.
  • The weekend is jam packed full.  Tomorrow, in keeping with my beautification effort (don’t laugh), I will be heading into the city bright and early to see my miracle worker, Lana who will no doubt transform me into the beauty queen I aspire to be (in my dreams, of course).
  • Then I will head down to the Ferry Building to meet up with my mom for a (hopefully) relaxing lunch.
  • Then – and yes, we are still on Saturday – I plan to meet up with one of my partners from Toronto who is visiting SF with his wife.  I love doing the tourist thang, so I suggested drinks at the Top of the Mark — unless of course YOU have a better suggestion… please comment below.
  • Whew!  Saturday will be long… but fun no doubt.  Sunday will be much more relaxing I promise.  Lucy and I – and hopefully we can con Pete into coming too – intend to chill out at our favorite Danville resort, Chez Ayelet!  We’re talking wine, bbq and pool action.  Can’t ask for anything better in the SF Bay area.

Have a great weekend peeps (that is a shout out to Pete)!


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