Like family

Yesterday I left work early to pick up my partner and his wife, who are visiting from Toronto.  They were staying in the city and took BART out East.  We had time to kill before meeting Pete back in Alamo then driving out to Livermore for dinner at my boss’ house.

We ended up enjoying a glass of wine at Va de Vi then a bit of window shopping in Walnut Creek.

When we all got to Livermore, my boss and his wife gave us big welcoming hugs and drinks were poured.  They are a family with 4 kids ranging in age fro 16 to 8.  Great kids.  At dinner, my boss said Grace.  Yes, Grace!  I have not said Grace in YEARS… probably not since Thanksgiving when I was like 10 years old!

It’s really icing on the cake when you truly enjoy the company of those who you work with.  Yesterday’s experience went beyond just enjoyment.  I truly felt like I was part of a family.  A family who respects each other and has fun together.  After dinner, a bunch of us (not me of course) played poker.  My boss’ 10 year old son had such a blast winning hands against the adults.

It is interesting how this is one of the first jobs I’ve been in for over a year that I don’t often find myself perusing Craigslist or other job sites just to see “what else is out there”.


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