Good Samaritan!

Yep, that was me yesterday.  I am not typically deserving of such a title, but I did so much good yesterday, I feel the need to milk it!

Lucy and I went on our usual walk and just as we were getting ready to turn onto our street to come home, I noticed a leather wallet lying by the side of the trail.  Recalling my experience a month or so ago when a wonderful couple found my cell phone on the trail and tracked me down, I decided to see if I could find the owner of the wallet.  There were quite a few bills in the wallet, a couple of credit cards, ID cards, etc.  I felt strange, almost dirty, going through the wallet to identify an owner.  I could not find a phone number but a CA Driver’s License identified that the wallet belonged to a kid who would turn 21 in 2012 – a baby! The address listed was an Alamo address, so, I decided to be even more Good Samaritan-like and transport the wallet to his home.  I did a quick mapquest search, learned that he lived 1/4 mile away and in a flash, I was ringing his doorbell.  I forget that “normal” people are not awake at 8am on a Sunday morning – oops!  I woke up a very tired looking dad.  He was a bit out of it, so it took him a while to register that I had his son’s wallet, but he seemed thankful.  I didn’t expect fanfares… just trying to put some pennies in the good ol’ karma bank!

Upon depositing the wallet, I then drove to BART to head into the city for a full day.  I had signed up to volunteer at the Plate-to-Plate run  at AT&T Park.  My shift was from 9:30 to 1pm.  The event seemed pretty well -organized and I noticed many volunteers in yellow shirts standing around.  I was a bit worried they would not have a need for my services, but before I knew it, I was assigned to help out at the children’s craft booth. 

So for the next couple of hours, I helped kids make beaded bracelets, necklaces and decorated socks.  It was really fun!  I could tell the kids got such a sense of accomplishment out of creating something for themselves.

I may need to look into more volunteer opportunities as it truly is a rewarding experience.

I even made myself some jewelry!


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