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Check out our photo album from a lovely weekend in SF:

Anniversary weekend in SF

Where is the comedy?

Pete and I enjoyed a fabulous weekend in SF this past weekend.  We stayed for the weekend in celebration of our 6th anniversary.  I could not have asked for a better anniversary weekend celebration.

The only gripe I have is that we spent good money to see a comedy show at Cobb’s Comedy.  We saw Eddie Griffin and honestly, I laughed harder at dinner with my friends than at the show.

The show wasn’t very funny, instead it was a political rant session with lots of cuss words thrown in for effect.

I understand it’s election season and this is a heated competition.   But I really need to get my comedy fix… I am craving Laugh out Loud, FUNNY comedy.  Where can I find it?!?!

A few months ago, we went to see Janeane Garofalo at Cobb’s  – it was a similar situation, but even worse.  Garofalo angrily ranted and raved about politics and shared the demons in her mind that were really Too Much Information.  It was a quite unpleasant experience if you ask me.

If anyone can recommend a good Comedy show venue/comedian/comedienne, please let me know!!


Friday Bullets!

I’m going to try to make this worthwhile for you all… as you can tell, this has not been a good blog week for me.

  • I’m really starting to notice subtle effects of the current economic “situation”.  I guess when you are a salesperson, you are the first to see it… little things like budgets getting pulled, planned purchases stalled, and OH, YES greedy resellers trying to steal business from other resellers… that was my life this week.  I sell a variety of technology products as a reseller.  I often sell to government organizations who require 3 competitive bids for every purchase.  Twice this week a greedy reseller has tried to come in at the final hour with some ridiculously low quote just to win the business.  And of course, what do they care if they make practically nothing out of the deal?  They didn’t spend months working with the customer, sitting through numerous demos, helping them complete their due diligence and actually SELLING the product.  I got through it and managed to save the deals, but guess how?  you got it, by lowering our margin as I was forced to do.  No fun.  Sign of the times, I guess.
  • Apparently Baron Davis is now on Jenny Craig (pause for laughter from the peanut gallery to subside).  Part of me thinks it’s pretty cool that he is manly enough to admit it to the world, but the other part of me (the bitter Golden State Warriors fan in me) is rolling my eyes, “you are SOO L.A., Baron”.
  • Listening to my boys on KNBR this morning, Murph & Mac interviewed a South African Professional Golfer named Gary Player.  I had never heard of him before, but found him quite interesting.  He is a big proponent of education and has done some amazing things for children in S. Africa.  He shared some statistics that I can’t get out of my mind.  First, 25% of American children are obese.  Yikes!  He also talked about how children in S. Africa typically speak 4 languages by the time they are 16.  S. African children are taught the importance of treating others with respect, amongst many other things.  He made a comment which is very thought provoking:  That children in other parts of the world (such as India and China) are being raised to become world leaders, whereas children in America are being taught to excel at video games.
  • This weekend, Pete and I are celebrating our 6th anniversary – my how time flies when you are having fun!  Seriously.  It feels like months ago that we were preparing for our big weekend in the city to get married.  To celebrate, we’re staying in S.F. for the weekend to reminisce.  Tomorrow night we’ll be meeting good old friends at the “scene of the crime”, McCormick & Kuleto’s (where our wedding reception was held back in 2002).  Other fun plans include: Cobb’s Comedy, a stop at the Cliff House for drinks and catching the Giants final game of the season.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Change in the weather… change in peoples’ moods…

I am thinking that winter is imminent and it is affecting peoples’ moods.  Lately, Lucy & I have come across some serious “haters” on the trail during morning walkie.

This morning – no joke – we are plodding along, minding our own business when I see a woman fall flat on her face on the trail.  The way she fell did not concern me, clearly she was not hurt, but I asked if she was ok?

Her response?

“Did you see how my dog tripped me?”

Me: “um no, not really.”

Lady: “he’s so afraid of YOUR dog that he tripped me.”

Me: (suppressing laughter) “um, OKAY, sorry.”

Are you SERIOUS?!?!?!

I am never very good with the spontaneous, witty remark. 

Here is what I SHOULD have said:

#1: “I can recommend a good dog psychologist”

#2: “Really?  your 100 pound dog is afraid of my 20 pound dog?” (rolling eyes)

People crack me up.  Again as I have said over and over, I can only laugh to myself and feel sorry for people like this, as they surely lead unhappy lives.


Need some inspiration?

I have been seeking inspiration all day.  When the work day is as quiet as Mondays are prone to be, I find myself checking out intellectually and emotionally.  Luckily I have the web to turn to…  I spent a few moments browsing the latest stories and came up with a story that changed my mentality and focus instantly.

Clearly this gal is a rare leader amongst today’s youth.  I feel very inspired by her story and have a rejuvenated faith in the future of our world.  Read Shonnetta’s story here,

I hope you enjoy, now I gotta go to start research on tomorrow’s inspiration….


Friday Bullets!

I’m a bit tired today having slept very little last night since I was at the Counting Crows/Maroon 5 concert at the Concord Pavilion (more on that later) until late.

  • The theme for this week was dealing with (fill-in-the-blanks) coworkers.  For me, fill-in-the-blanks = stupid.  For my girl Ayelet, fill-in-the-blanks = control freak.  For Pete, fill-in-the-blanks = stressed out and lashing out.
  • So, the concert last night was awesome.  We started off at a really fun restaurant in charming Clayton (I have never been there before and I am a fan) called Moresi’s Chophouse.  The epitome of charm, it’s a darling restaurant that looks like it used to be someone’s home with a front deck/porch with actual rocking chairs facing the stunning backdrop of Mt. Diablo.  My only complaint with the concert is that Counting Crows & Maroon 5 swapped places.  Counting Crows was supposed to be the headliner, and apparently they were the night before at Shoreline.  So, they swapped and Maroon 5 was the headliner last night.  I do like Maroon 5 but I enjoyed Counting Crows so much more.  I have a new appreciation for the band and the lead vocalist seems like a very interesting character.  Our seats were fantastic (thanks Amy!) and I’m a fan of the Concord Pavilion.
  • This weekend is looking to be a pretty low-key one for me – much needed.  I’m excited to have no plans for tonight.  Saturday will be a day to run errands.  Need to look for updates to the wardrobe – as it feels like winter has arrived, although I’m hopeful we can get at least one more warm stint before summer is officially over.  Hopefully there will be time to enjoy a bottle of vino with Ayelet, and a film screening in the evening. : ) Sunday I’ll likely go check out the Lafayette Art & Wine festival in the afternoon.  Of course, I will be paying attention to the Giants who are playing in LA against the Dodgers this weekend.  I really hope that the Giants can spoil it for them and knock them out of the playoff race, although it isn’t looking good so far.
  • Speaking of the Giants, in case you were wondering, having read my post yesterday… sadly my boy did not get his win last night (although he should have) – one of the young Rookies couldn’t catch a ball (although he should have) that caused the Diamondbacks to score the winning run.  BUT, apparently Timmy is still going to start on Tuesday and GUESS WHAT?  Pete & I will be at the game and Pete gets to participate in Batting Practice before the game – I’ll be there with my camera! 

Have a great weekend everyone!


Thinking positively for my boy tonight

As you all know, I’m a manic Giants fan.  I really can’t help myself.  I think I have a problem (are there support groups out there, I wonder?)

It’s Pete’s fault, really.  : ) He grew up a baseball fan, while I could have cared less about baseball up until I turned about 30 years old… he slowly but surely created a monster!

This year, being a Giants fan has been quite painful… they stink.

Although the Giants, as a team, have been atrocious out on the field, there is one bright spot: a pitcher named Tim Lincecum.  This kid [he looks about 12 years old] is amazing.  He is one of those rare breeds that Major League Baseball experiences once every few decades.  When he is out on the mound, people pay attention.

He is sooo good that he is actually in contention for the Cy Young award for the National League.  They typically give the award to amazing pitchers who are playing for teams that make the playoff series.  Sadly, the Giants aren’t even close.  However, Lincecum is THAT good that he is in contention even so. 

There are a couple of pitchers who are also candidates to win the Cy Young award (Brandon Webb of the Arizona Diamondbacks and C.C. Sabathia of the Milwaukee Brewers) and they play for teams that are in contention for the playoffs. 

So, the bottom line, is every game matters at this stage, as Timmy proves to the world he is deserving of this award.  He has two pitching starts left (tonight and next Wednesday). 

Bruce Bochey (the Giants manager) has already revealed that if Lincecum gets a win tonight, he will push him up in the rotation and have him pitch next Tuesday.  That way, it would be his turn to pitch again at the very last game of the season, next Sunday.

Oh, and guess what?  That game is against the detested Dodgers.  Pete and I will be there, and how wonderful would it be if Lincecum knocks the Dodgers out of the playoffs by giving them a loss?  A girl can dream right?  That situation would truly save this season for me. 

Like I said, I think I have a problem!

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