Having *one of those days*

It really makes me unhappy when work gets in the way of one of my favorite hobbies: blogging.   But, dammit, I’m on a mission!

I am having one of those days where the phone keeps ringing and I’m playing phone tag with the people that I’ve left messages for, who have left me messages back.  Does that mean everyone is having the same kind of day as me?!?  Yikes.

My boss told me today that he wants me to “take on more responsibility” — after probing further, it turns out he wants me to handle some of the admin tasks that he doesn’t have time to do anymore.  WTF!  Just ’cause you are too cheap to hire someone to help (reference my recent post titled Rant) don’t throw that crap on me. 

Plus we are increasingly getting worried about Lucy.  Her skin condition seems to be getting worse.  Pete spent a ton of time doing research on the Internet yesterday and I made an appointment with a pet dermatologist.  A friend of a friend lost their 5 year old dog suddenly and since hearing the news, it has weighed on my mind. 

And now, I’m prepping for our weekly company/sales meeting.  No doubt the “fun” will continue…. (sigh)


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