A mystery guest blog post

I am having day two of *that kind of day* so I have decided to use part of a great friend’s email to me (I won’t reveal the writer for privacy sake!) as a “guest blog post”… enjoy!

I am afraid to visit your blog again since the last time I was there I connected over to Penelope Trunk, where I spent 45 minutes reading career articles!  That was definitely one of my favorite pitstops on the web last year when I was sick of my last company.  But it’s fun to check in on you and see what’s new. 

Have you read that book Eat Pray Love?  I guess I am thinking of it because it’s sort-of in line with your topic of that blog post, and I just saw the author on Oprah on Monday afternoon.  I ended up reading the book as one of the few English language books that sounded interesting and were available in the apartment in Paris.  It’s about a woman who is going through a terrible divorce and is having the dark nights of the soul when she finds a few threads to hang onto in order to move forward.  I thought I would just read the Eat part – she goes to Rome and learns Italian and eats amazing meals, which seemed appropriate since I was in Paris – because I don’t go for the woo-woo stuff like Donna and Kim – but I really got into it, and I liked her writing style. 

The biggest thing I liked was that she was able to completely shed the idea of “my marriage should have worked out – I should want the house in the suburbs and the white picket fence” and she said “No, I am not buying into what everyone thinks I “should” want – what do I really really really want, deep down inside?  That’s all that counts”.  Of course it helps to have a book deal signed to pay your way around the world to do all these things that she does, but I still like the heart of the book. 

So back to Oprah – they had women on who’d read the book and it had changed their life in some way (some clutching it to their chest and saying “It’s my bible!” which to me is always scary because not even the Bible should be your bible like that!).   

I am taking a long time to get to my point but it is that I was surprised how many of these people were living lives where they never thought about what they wanted and what was right for them, not until they read the book.  It just surprises me because it seems like you, me and most of the happier women I know are constantly reviewing, considering, moving towards what makes them happy and trying to fill their lives with it as much as possible; as well as figuring out how to get through the tough stuff. 

And back to your blog – it seems like it’s a good way to go over your thoughts in writing – just the process of the pen in hand or the keyboard makes my thoughts more real, and seems like it helps you sort through stuff to figure out where you’re supposed to be.  

A very long paragraph that boils down to a book recommendation and a compliment on your blog! 

How easy was that?  Control-c + Control-v and voila!  I need to do this more often, as I am fortunate to have very thoughtful, intelligent and excellent writers as friends.


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