Friday Bullets!

Gotta make this short ’cause we are taking off for the weekend in moments….

Yep, we’re off for a fun weekend away, staying at Amy’s house in Truckee (near Donner Lake).  Amy was supposed to join us but she wisely made the decision to spend the weekend with her 13 year old daughter, they are both missing Amy’s 18 year old daughter who just started college in Santa Barbara.  So it’s the Pete, Sheila, Ayelet and Lucy roadtrip.  We’ll be meeting up with Jackie & Mark and the “I-L’s” as Jackie so fondly calls them.  Looking forward to some relaxation, laughs with friends and good luck at the casinos!

I took the day off today and I am more exhausted than ever.  Ran errands literally ALL. DAY. LONG.  Phew!  Took my car back for service, shopping at Target, lunch with Lucy at Sideboard, took Lucy to her dermatology appointment, got my nails done, packed and now I am wiped out.

So Lucy’s new dermatologist ruled out a bunch of possible allergies (mites, scabies, fleas – phew!) She strongly suspects Lucy has a pollen allergy.  They took some blood tests and we’ll get the results back in 1 month.  For now, Lucy must follow a strict venison/sweet potato diet (no table scraps, bones, snacks, etc), Benadryl once a day and medicated shampoo.  My poor baby!

I learned something about myself this week – the left side of me feels pain more acutely than the right.  I realized it at acupuncture the other day, then today at the nail salon, it definitely felt more painful when the nail technician scraped off my callouses on the left foot than the right.  It is good to know things about oneself, right?!??! : )

Have a great weekend everyone… just so you all know, next week is going to SUCK big time.  I am already way behind at work and I have a LONG list of tasks to attend to before I do anything else.


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