A weekend in paradise, 3 hours away

Today has been a VERY long day, but I promised myself that I MUST blog.  It isn’t right when work gets in the way of writing in my blog (akin to preventing a super-religious person from attending church every Sunday).

I am still riding the buzz of a fun weekend trip to Tahoe/Donner. 

Our great friend Amy offered to let us stay at her house in Tahoe/Donner for the weekend.  Originally, she planned to join us but she had to switch plans due to the fact that she is a responsible parent.  So, Ayelet, Lucy, Pete & I drove up late on Friday and spent a short but super fun weekend up north.  I really feel like the itch has not been properly scratched: I want MORE!  I just love Tahoe, I am already planning the next trip.  Oh… I am a summer gal, rather than a winter gal, so likely it will be 2009 before I’m back.

In light of the fact that I am exhausted at 5:09pm PST knowing my husband will arrive in moments with plans to drag me to the city to watch one of the last Giants games (yeah, the stud Lincecum is pitching but it’s Monday night for God’s sake!), I have decided to pilfer a post written by the fabulous and talented Ayelet.  Really, I could not have described our strange but memorable Saturday experience in Tahoe better than she does here

I will spend the time to talk about my mornings with Lucy while in Tahoe/Donner.  Talk about religion!  Instead of our typical moderately paced walk on the Iron Horse Trail each morning, we RAN around Donner Lake.  Yeah, we ran.  Now, back in the day (and I know that at least one of my readers can relate to this!), I was fully ensconced in the Triathlete circle.  Back then, the words “Donner Lake” did not mean peace & serenity.  Instead, the words meant adrenaline, perseverence, competition and willpower, as the reason to visit and stay at Donner Lake was to participate in the yearly Donner Lake Triathlon

SOOOO, as a rapidly aging woman who strives to relive her youth anyway possible, I truly enjoy my time visiting Donner Lake.  I can’t NOT run around the lake when visiting the area, and I’m happy to have Lucy to share in my joy.  It’s fun to reminisce in the days when 6 miles was an easy jog in the park.

Anyhow, we did it — 2 days in a row (never mind that Lucy could have doubled around the lake without a problem).  Today I am very sore and my appetite seems out of control.  There are things I don’t miss about running.  BUT, I do miss and appreciate certain things… like that moment when your breath evens out and you truly feel like you could run for days, and meanwhile solve all the world’s problems… truly priceless.


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