7 years later

I will never forget that morning 7 years ago today.  The morning started as usual with a run at 5am.  Everything was normal as I sleepily plodded along, listening to 97.3 Alice, the radio station (I hadn’t gotten myself addicted to KNBR as of yet).  As my hour long run progressed, the tragic story unfolded.  When I got home, I woke Pete up and turned on the T.V.  He thought it was a simulated video of what would happen if two planes crashed into the Twin Towers.  

9/11/2001 was the eeriest, scariest, most chilling day of my life. 

Doing some surfing online today, I came across this story of a gal who is extremely lucky to be alive.  However, 7 years later, she is still undergoing physical therapy as well as psychotherapy to deal with the emotional scars from being a victim.

It makes me realize how fortunate I am that I was not affected personally by this devastating episode.  I also know that I am in the minority.



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