A moonlight stroll

This morning, Lucy and I went for an epic “walkie”

(yes I do realize it is “baby talk”, but that’s the word Lucy responds to!)

I was required to attend a tradeshow in San Jose today.  I had to get there at 7am (don’t ask, it’s a LONG story).  I had two choices.  Choice #1: wake up at my normal time, get ready and head to San Jose and deal with confused, staring-up-at-me-with-puppy-dog-eyes-wondering-why-we-aren’t-heading-out-for-normal-walkie Lucy.  or Choice #2: wake up at 3:30am to satisfy Ms. “Energizer Bunny”, shower, get ready and head out freaking early to be on time for 7am tradeshow in SJ.

I am such a model pet owner, ’cause I opted for Choice #2.  ; ) 

…Trust me, I’m paying for it at 3:43pm.

BUT, I think the Gods were looking down on us ’cause we enjoyed the most pleasant “walkie” we have experienced in quite a while.  It is pretty close to being a full moon (I think tonight may be a full moon) so it was quite bright.  Plus, there were zero interruptions.  Let’s face it, there ain’t nobody around at 3:30am!  We came across 1 jogger and 1 cyclist during our entire trip.

I definitely could not stand to do this on a regular basis, but I must say I enjoyed the experience.  My favorite KNBR guys weren’t on (they start at 5am), so I listened to my Counting Crows playlist – feeling quite prepared for Thursday night’s concert at the Concord Pavilion about now!


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