Thinking positively for my boy tonight

As you all know, I’m a manic Giants fan.  I really can’t help myself.  I think I have a problem (are there support groups out there, I wonder?)

It’s Pete’s fault, really.  : ) He grew up a baseball fan, while I could have cared less about baseball up until I turned about 30 years old… he slowly but surely created a monster!

This year, being a Giants fan has been quite painful… they stink.

Although the Giants, as a team, have been atrocious out on the field, there is one bright spot: a pitcher named Tim Lincecum.  This kid [he looks about 12 years old] is amazing.  He is one of those rare breeds that Major League Baseball experiences once every few decades.  When he is out on the mound, people pay attention.

He is sooo good that he is actually in contention for the Cy Young award for the National League.  They typically give the award to amazing pitchers who are playing for teams that make the playoff series.  Sadly, the Giants aren’t even close.  However, Lincecum is THAT good that he is in contention even so. 

There are a couple of pitchers who are also candidates to win the Cy Young award (Brandon Webb of the Arizona Diamondbacks and C.C. Sabathia of the Milwaukee Brewers) and they play for teams that are in contention for the playoffs. 

So, the bottom line, is every game matters at this stage, as Timmy proves to the world he is deserving of this award.  He has two pitching starts left (tonight and next Wednesday). 

Bruce Bochey (the Giants manager) has already revealed that if Lincecum gets a win tonight, he will push him up in the rotation and have him pitch next Tuesday.  That way, it would be his turn to pitch again at the very last game of the season, next Sunday.

Oh, and guess what?  That game is against the detested Dodgers.  Pete and I will be there, and how wonderful would it be if Lincecum knocks the Dodgers out of the playoffs by giving them a loss?  A girl can dream right?  That situation would truly save this season for me. 

Like I said, I think I have a problem!


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