Change in the weather… change in peoples’ moods…

I am thinking that winter is imminent and it is affecting peoples’ moods.  Lately, Lucy & I have come across some serious “haters” on the trail during morning walkie.

This morning – no joke – we are plodding along, minding our own business when I see a woman fall flat on her face on the trail.  The way she fell did not concern me, clearly she was not hurt, but I asked if she was ok?

Her response?

“Did you see how my dog tripped me?”

Me: “um no, not really.”

Lady: “he’s so afraid of YOUR dog that he tripped me.”

Me: (suppressing laughter) “um, OKAY, sorry.”

Are you SERIOUS?!?!?!

I am never very good with the spontaneous, witty remark. 

Here is what I SHOULD have said:

#1: “I can recommend a good dog psychologist”

#2: “Really?  your 100 pound dog is afraid of my 20 pound dog?” (rolling eyes)

People crack me up.  Again as I have said over and over, I can only laugh to myself and feel sorry for people like this, as they surely lead unhappy lives.


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