Friday Bullets!

I’m going to try to make this worthwhile for you all… as you can tell, this has not been a good blog week for me.

  • I’m really starting to notice subtle effects of the current economic “situation”.  I guess when you are a salesperson, you are the first to see it… little things like budgets getting pulled, planned purchases stalled, and OH, YES greedy resellers trying to steal business from other resellers… that was my life this week.  I sell a variety of technology products as a reseller.  I often sell to government organizations who require 3 competitive bids for every purchase.  Twice this week a greedy reseller has tried to come in at the final hour with some ridiculously low quote just to win the business.  And of course, what do they care if they make practically nothing out of the deal?  They didn’t spend months working with the customer, sitting through numerous demos, helping them complete their due diligence and actually SELLING the product.  I got through it and managed to save the deals, but guess how?  you got it, by lowering our margin as I was forced to do.  No fun.  Sign of the times, I guess.
  • Apparently Baron Davis is now on Jenny Craig (pause for laughter from the peanut gallery to subside).  Part of me thinks it’s pretty cool that he is manly enough to admit it to the world, but the other part of me (the bitter Golden State Warriors fan in me) is rolling my eyes, “you are SOO L.A., Baron”.
  • Listening to my boys on KNBR this morning, Murph & Mac interviewed a South African Professional Golfer named Gary Player.  I had never heard of him before, but found him quite interesting.  He is a big proponent of education and has done some amazing things for children in S. Africa.  He shared some statistics that I can’t get out of my mind.  First, 25% of American children are obese.  Yikes!  He also talked about how children in S. Africa typically speak 4 languages by the time they are 16.  S. African children are taught the importance of treating others with respect, amongst many other things.  He made a comment which is very thought provoking:  That children in other parts of the world (such as India and China) are being raised to become world leaders, whereas children in America are being taught to excel at video games.
  • This weekend, Pete and I are celebrating our 6th anniversary – my how time flies when you are having fun!  Seriously.  It feels like months ago that we were preparing for our big weekend in the city to get married.  To celebrate, we’re staying in S.F. for the weekend to reminisce.  Tomorrow night we’ll be meeting good old friends at the “scene of the crime”, McCormick & Kuleto’s (where our wedding reception was held back in 2002).  Other fun plans include: Cobb’s Comedy, a stop at the Cliff House for drinks and catching the Giants final game of the season.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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