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The rollercoaster ride that is life

I feel like my life parallels the stock market these days: up & down.  This mostly pertains to my work situation: one day I’m busier than heck, running around like a chicken with its head chopped off… the next day, I’m twiddling my thumbs, bored to tears.  My emotional state seems to follow suit as if I’m on a rollercoaster, simply hanging on and hoping for the best. 

I can’t help but feel the stress related to the current state of our poor economy.  I do rely on commissions to maintain my quality of life, and I’m seeing those commissions dwindle.  Let’s face it, if I am not bringing in the sales, at some point my employer is going to stop paying my salary too.  Then what?  I get the sense that companies aren’t hiring freely at the moment.

On another note, I’m sensing some changes in myself, especially in regards to where my priorities lie.  In light of the current state of the world and my own job insecurity, I have become less focused on getting pregnant.  As most of you know, I have been pretty preoccupied (verging on obsession!) with project infertility.  But, is this the time to bring a child into the world? 

It’s a nice change of pace.  I feel like a load has been lifted off my shoulders, and I am enjoying a tremendous sense of freedom.  Let’s face it, I’m almost 38, this topic is going to rear its ugly head again soon, but for now, I’m going to take things one day at a time.


Friday bullets!

Okay, Monday feels like it was weeks ago.  Did I really drive into the city to meet with the CIO of a large insurance company just 4 days ago?  The meeting went well, but I realize that the deal that has been brewing for 2 years (!!!) is not even close to coming to fruition.  (sigh) Life as a salesperson.  I have zero patience which is not good in these situations.

This has been an interesting week.  I’m engaged in lots of “activity”, but there sure ain’t a lot of folks opening their purse strings.  I guess it is better to have something to do, althoug these “activites” (demos, due diligence, software evaluations, etc) seem more like an academic exercises, rather than real business purchasing situations.

I was thinking today… remember – just a few months ago – when were were crying over the price of gas?  Can we go back to those days, PLEASE?

Anyways…. TGIF people:

  • I’m happy that there are at least 3 more baseball games before the season officially shuts down for the Winter.  Can we stretch it out to 5 more games?  I am rooting for the Phillies (I’m a National league gal) but I do appreciate the Tampa Bay “story” (they lost the most games of any team last year – well maybe except for the Giants – and this year they are in the World Series, it’s a good “Cinderella” story).
  • I’ve been planning to walk the Lafayette Reservoir 10k for months now (it’s an annual tradition).  Got a nice group of folks joining me.  Here’s a shocker: Mr. Pete will be joining us too (!!!)  Noone is more shocked than I.  We’ll see if I can get him out of bed Sunday am…  Regardless I’m looking forward to a fun walk on Sunday with the gang, with Brunch at Chow Lafayette to follow.
  • I’ve been invited to a “Call Party” to support the Obama campaign Sunday afternoon.  Basically like-minded Democrats will meet up in a social environment and make calls to undecided voters in an attempt to persuade them to vote Obama.  I am of two minds about this.  Part of me understands that this is an important election and it is crucial to do what we need to do to enact a change in administration.  Another part of me feels like it is each voters’ right to vote for whomever he/she feels is the right choice.  Who am I to tell someone what to do?  Perhaps I’m overthinking this due to the fact that I am personally feeling  “harrassed” into voting Republican.  Refer to blog post of 10/19/08.
  • Oh!  Which reminds me… I invited a friend to join me at the Call Party.  I got a response back from her telling me that she’s a registered Republican so it might not be a good idea.  LOL, Oops! I am totally fine with her position and am not at all interested in trying to get her to change her allegiance.
  • Happy Happy…. SOOO Happy that although it is cold in the mornings, the afternoons have been amazingly warm & beautiful. 

Palinscopy — it’s real.

Feeling a bit sheepish/embarrassed/stressed/confused about your “obsession” with Sarah Palin? 

You are NOT alone.

Read about “Palinoscopy”, the liberal minded “obsession” with Sarah Palin:



That is the word I use to describe Pete & I.  I can’t put Lucy in that category, ’cause let’s face it… if she were human, she’d be class valedictorian, prom queen, most likely to succeed, etc.  We would probably hate her…. That puppy has it going on!

In contrast, Pete and I are the dorky kids who were happy to have friends amongst the band members.  Okay, okay, I’m speaking for myself here.

Since we don’t have offspring of our own — who would most certainly be members of the next generation of “band geek” – we can only revel in the amazing and awesome-ness that IS our Lucy. 

How could we get so lucky?

Well, our pride & joy turned 3 on Sunday.  Pete was quick to point out that 3 dog years is equivalent to 21 in people years — boy was ready to pour margaritas in celebration of the occasion, but I had to put the kibbosh on those plans!

Here are some pictures of our celebratory hike… like I said, GOOBERS.


Chicago… is MY kind of town… Chicago is

What a weekend!  I feel so fortunate to have quite an amazing friend.  My girl Ayelet rocks.  If you are a worthy single man, you need to pay attention… this gal is the complete package.

Ayelet paid beaucoup dinero to attend the Women’s Leadership Conference supporting the Democratic Party.  I just feel lucky that Ayelet likes me enough to invite me to tag along. 

I truly thought that the Cubbies would still be in the playoffs and that I could catch a playoff game at Wrigley, that was what sealed the deal for me.  Of course, we all know that did NOT come to fruition but I knew I would have a great time anyways.  It was truly an amazing weekend.

While Ayelet was learning and becoming truly inspired about topics like equal pay for women executives, solving the Healthcare situation, generating new jobs in light of the current economic landscape and MORE… I cruised around downtown Chicago checking out the Touristy spots like Millenium Park, The John Hancock Observatory, The Miracle Mile and more.

I got even luckier on Saturday because some women we met Friday night had a friend who had donated an undisclosed amount of money (LOTS!), thus they were able to get me added to the registration list… so I made it for the closing speech by our next President of the United States…. boy was he great!

Here is my Yelp! review of our fun dinner on Saturday night at Carnivale,

Here are some pictures of our experience.  Oh, also, I have decided I WILL sign up and complete at least another Marathon in my lifetime.  45k runners participated in the Chicago Marathon, I got inspired watching the start of the race on Sunday morning.

Thanks again, Ayelet!


Can we please agree to disagree?

I know I am not alone in my predicament.  What to do when you are quite adamant about your political selection, however your family does not support your choice?

I am in a situation where my family seems to believe that I have been brainwashed by my friends into my current political beliefs as a Democrat… the reality is, I am a normal, middle class, hard-working, conscientous, progressive indiviual (as is NOT extraordinary here in the Bay Area) who TRULY believes that CHANGE is necessary about now. 

My mother has been bombarding me with info (crap) about how the Democrats are responsible for the current economic downfall and how ridiculously STUPID I am to vote for that party.  It is truly jaw-dropping for me that the blame resides on the Democratic party who have not been in office for almost a decade.  hmmmm….  There have also been undertones of rascism….  there is no doubt in my mind that the fact that Obama is of African American descent is a major factor for certain conservative individuals.  This is something I do think about, given I have thought quite seriously about adopting an African baby in light of my fertility woes.  I am guessing I will not be able to depend on parental support in this circumstance.

Am I being dramatic?  I wish that were the case.  Sadly, my family does not share my frame of mind and perspective.  I am okay with that… like I said, to each their own. 

Why can’t people just agree to disagree?

My problem is when others attempt to alter another person’s perspective to suit their own agenda.  I could understand this “attack” if I were an “undecided voter”, but I am FAR from undecided.  In fact, it’s all a moot point, since I have already submitted my absentee ballot.


Friday Bullets!

Where do I begin?  Aye yay yay.  This week has been a blur… Sales presentations in the city, issues with deals that occurred last year, dwindling sales due to the economy, webinars, back to back calls, issues with partners, dealing with a boss who is wondering about dwindling sales due to the economy… I feel like Superwoman, cause I made it!  At 3:53pm on a Friday afternoon, things seem have stabilized and I can finally do what I love most: blog! 

I want to dedicate a blog post to my fabulous Chicago trip last weekend with my fabulous friend, Ayelet.  So watch this space.  For now, it’s Friday!

  • LOVE that the ALCS has been extended due to a crazy comeback by the Boston Red Sox last night….  brought back VERY BAD memories of Game 6 of the 2002 World Series, but I have no emotional connection to either the Red Sox or the Tampa Bay Rays, so it’s just fun to get more baseball.  I wasn’t ready to have to wait until Wednesday for the start of the World Series.  I don’t really care who wins it… ideally, Boston wins Game 6 so we can go to Game 7.  May the best team win!
  • Dealing with a situation where a partner of ours (Quest, they acquired the partner we had great relations with, NetPro… suddenly it’s a new ballgame) has gotten spookily proprietary about a deal that MY COMPANY brought to the table oh, 2 years ago or so.  We have a meeting with the CIO on Monday.  Except for WE is HE (Quest sales person) and HE is not being very forthcoming with details, information.   HE got the meeting by default cause the old NetPro sales rep (who I had a trusting relationship with got fired in said acquisition) had secured the meeting months ago.  What worries me is that HE should need ME in the meeting, but boy ain’t calling me back.  I am willing to bet everything I just wrote makes zero sense, but that is the state of my life at the moment.
  • It’s in the mid-80s in October, I can’t complain.  Wearing a tank top and skirt, getting ready to head out to Sideboard to meet up with my pal, Barbara, for dinner.  I am sooo not prepared for winter to arrive. 
  • Planning a mini-vacay to L.A for over Thanksgiving Day weekend.  I know my wonderful husband is not pleased (boo hoo!  it may cut into his poker playing time), but I’m feeling the need to escape the cold, hit the beach and mingle with the pretty people.  Hey, it’s my birthday weekend and god knows, hubby gets PRINCE-like treatment for the two or three weeks around his birthday.  Suck it up, buster!
  • Tomorrow Lucy & I will be joining my girls Jackie & Kathy to walk the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk in Golden Gate Park.  It’s a five mile walk and obviously for a good cause.  I should find something pink for my non-girly Lucy to wear.
  • One word to get you to laugh (okay three): “Joe the plumber” ….oops I mean Sam.  After Thursday night’s debate, it really feels like Obama is in the driver’s seat.  But as my girl Ayelet warns, it ain’t over.  Gotta send in my absentee ballot asap.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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