Can we please agree to disagree?

I know I am not alone in my predicament.  What to do when you are quite adamant about your political selection, however your family does not support your choice?

I am in a situation where my family seems to believe that I have been brainwashed by my friends into my current political beliefs as a Democrat… the reality is, I am a normal, middle class, hard-working, conscientous, progressive indiviual (as is NOT extraordinary here in the Bay Area) who TRULY believes that CHANGE is necessary about now. 

My mother has been bombarding me with info (crap) about how the Democrats are responsible for the current economic downfall and how ridiculously STUPID I am to vote for that party.  It is truly jaw-dropping for me that the blame resides on the Democratic party who have not been in office for almost a decade.  hmmmm….  There have also been undertones of rascism….  there is no doubt in my mind that the fact that Obama is of African American descent is a major factor for certain conservative individuals.  This is something I do think about, given I have thought quite seriously about adopting an African baby in light of my fertility woes.  I am guessing I will not be able to depend on parental support in this circumstance.

Am I being dramatic?  I wish that were the case.  Sadly, my family does not share my frame of mind and perspective.  I am okay with that… like I said, to each their own. 

Why can’t people just agree to disagree?

My problem is when others attempt to alter another person’s perspective to suit their own agenda.  I could understand this “attack” if I were an “undecided voter”, but I am FAR from undecided.  In fact, it’s all a moot point, since I have already submitted my absentee ballot.


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