Friday bullets!

Okay, Monday feels like it was weeks ago.  Did I really drive into the city to meet with the CIO of a large insurance company just 4 days ago?  The meeting went well, but I realize that the deal that has been brewing for 2 years (!!!) is not even close to coming to fruition.  (sigh) Life as a salesperson.  I have zero patience which is not good in these situations.

This has been an interesting week.  I’m engaged in lots of “activity”, but there sure ain’t a lot of folks opening their purse strings.  I guess it is better to have something to do, althoug these “activites” (demos, due diligence, software evaluations, etc) seem more like an academic exercises, rather than real business purchasing situations.

I was thinking today… remember – just a few months ago – when were were crying over the price of gas?  Can we go back to those days, PLEASE?

Anyways…. TGIF people:

  • I’m happy that there are at least 3 more baseball games before the season officially shuts down for the Winter.  Can we stretch it out to 5 more games?  I am rooting for the Phillies (I’m a National league gal) but I do appreciate the Tampa Bay “story” (they lost the most games of any team last year – well maybe except for the Giants – and this year they are in the World Series, it’s a good “Cinderella” story).
  • I’ve been planning to walk the Lafayette Reservoir 10k for months now (it’s an annual tradition).  Got a nice group of folks joining me.  Here’s a shocker: Mr. Pete will be joining us too (!!!)  Noone is more shocked than I.  We’ll see if I can get him out of bed Sunday am…  Regardless I’m looking forward to a fun walk on Sunday with the gang, with Brunch at Chow Lafayette to follow.
  • I’ve been invited to a “Call Party” to support the Obama campaign Sunday afternoon.  Basically like-minded Democrats will meet up in a social environment and make calls to undecided voters in an attempt to persuade them to vote Obama.  I am of two minds about this.  Part of me understands that this is an important election and it is crucial to do what we need to do to enact a change in administration.  Another part of me feels like it is each voters’ right to vote for whomever he/she feels is the right choice.  Who am I to tell someone what to do?  Perhaps I’m overthinking this due to the fact that I am personally feeling  “harrassed” into voting Republican.  Refer to blog post of 10/19/08.
  • Oh!  Which reminds me… I invited a friend to join me at the Call Party.  I got a response back from her telling me that she’s a registered Republican so it might not be a good idea.  LOL, Oops! I am totally fine with her position and am not at all interested in trying to get her to change her allegiance.
  • Happy Happy…. SOOO Happy that although it is cold in the mornings, the afternoons have been amazingly warm & beautiful. 

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