Friday Bullets!

Happy Friday everyone!  There isn’t much going on over here this Friday afternoon.  Luckily I am getting a breather after a busy week.  The good news is company’s seem to be spending money again – I’m seeing good signs there.  I do know that we have a long way to go before this economic recession turns around completely, but I’ll take the baby steps! 

I do not cope well with winter [please prepare yourself for many more disgruntled blog posts over the next few months cause I’m a California bred wimp!]  It’s cold!  (and yes I know it isn’t officially winter, but it sure feels like it!)  I am also definitely feeling the baseball void…. Can someone fast-forward me to March ’09 in Scottsdale, AZ!?!?!

What’s up this weekend?  Here we go:

Apparently it is supposed to rain tomorrow.  Hopefully Lucy and I can get in a decent walk in the a.m.  I’m quite excited to listen to my new “Death Cab for Cuties / The Killers” Playlist during our walk.  Why you ask?  WELL….  the fabulous Ayelet has generously purchased a ticket for my Birthday to Live 105’s Not so Silent Night Concert at the Oakland Arena – I feel so spoiled!  

Tomorrow night?  Dinner with great friends at a local favorite where I have not been in quite a while… Bridge’s (yeah… the scene of the hot pepper incident in the movie Mrs. Doubtfire)

Sunday is the much-anticipated, certain to be a fabulous time, baby shower for my girl Kathy.  Luckily I organized the event, so I got to choose the venue…  : ) Being the vain creature I am, I chose a spa-salon where us gals could get pampered with mani-pedi’s.  Not that anyone will be seeing my toes in the next three months in light of aforementioned winter conditions… but I know I will enjoy the experience on Sunday!


1 Response to “Friday Bullets!”

  1. 1 Ayelet
    November 8, 2008 at 1:05 am

    Pete won’t see your toes??

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