Congratulations Timmy!

My boy did it!  Well, not “my boy” but my current favorite SF Giant, Tim Lincecum.

Tim, sometimes referred to as “the Freak” won the National League Cy Young award today.  He has been designated the best pitcher of the 2008 season. 

There was some competition:  Brandon Webb of the AZ Diamondbacks and C.C. Sabathia of the Milwaukee Breweres were the strongest contenders.

But Tim’s stats were too impressive…  even more impressive given he pitched for a terrible team.  The Giants made many defensive mistakes and there were too many incidents where bullpen pitchers screwed up games that should have been Wins for Tim.

His momma must be proud!  I know I am.

Update: my lovable husband just sent me the voting results.  Pete predicted a landslide victory and he was right!

Player                      1st  — 2nd — 3rd — Total Points
Tim Lincecum, San Francisco  23  —   7 —   1 —     137
Brandon Webb, Arizona         4  —  15 —   8 —      73
Johan Santana, New York       4  —   8 —  11 —      55
Brad Lidge, Philadelphia      0  —   1 —   7 —      10
CC Sabathia, Milwaukee        —   1 —   1 —       9
Ryan Dempster, Chicago        0  —   0 —   4 —       4


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