Food for thought… what do you think?

A thought occurred to me today.  I want to hear your opinion.

In light of the bad economy with many employees concerned about layoffs and job security, could the silver lining be an improved level of customer service across the board?

I filed a claim with AIG last night (fender bender, not my fault).  Today before noon, I got a call back from my rep who pleasantly informed me that my claim had been processed, all responsibility accepted and here are my next steps outlined in perfect detail. 

I cannot help but recall the last claim I filed 6 months ago (another fender bender, not my fault — I know, I know, I seem to be prone to these, but at least I have not been injured).  THEN, I processed the claim… had to follow up a few days later only to get the push back, “it’s in process.”  A couple of weeks later after the claim had been processed, I had to leave multiple messages with the person in charge of scheduling an appraisal…. and on and on.  The whole process took at least a month longer than it should have.

I have also noticed an increased level of helpfulness amongst my co-workers.  Suddenly emails are responded to promptly and requests are actually fulfilled.

I am wondering if employees in general are realizing that they need to not only do their jobs, but that they need to do their jobs well to protect from becoming dispensable.

Has anyone else noticed this trend?


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